Performance Potential

For leaders passionate about

Ground-breaking insights and tools to unlock the performance potential of key strategic projects/priorities and the teams running them.  

Want to un-lock the performance potential of a project or team?

The tools you need to pitstop your critical projects and vital teams, un-lock the performance potential & optimize performance-under-pressure. 

Looking for the latest insights in the field of performance & potential?

An accelerated learning platform for leaders passionate about unlocking the performance potential of their projects and people. 

Pitstop University™ helps leaders & teams to embed the performance gains identified via Pitstop Analytics™ and Pitstop workshops. 

A powerful toolkit built around the world’s first database of performance losses (i.e. the factors that prevent executive teams from realizing their full potential).

Incorporating pioneering research into the emerging field of Performance Potential.  Co-created 1000+ of the best teams with extensive external validation.

Inspired by the Pitstop and other powerful performance techniques used in the most demanding and fast-changing environments.